Sunday, January 3, 2010

Movie Musings

Movie Musings

When I want to talk about movies, but not really cover them in a review or from a nostalgic standpoint, I'll write about them as Movie Musings. These can be anything from talking about specific inspirations for the film, the way a movie may remind me of another, or discussing a specific part of the movie (that isn't a scene breakdown or post about the music). 

And Then This Happened...
Sometimes you just have to have some silly fun. So I'll post an image from a movie I recently watched. You get to provide a caption to the image. It could be what the character is saying, thinking or what the audience is feeling at this particular moment. Here is a list of these images and the captions provided by my readers.
Exploring a Scene

In these blogs I take an in depth look at a specific scene from a film. I'll break it down, talking about all kinds of stuff, from lighting and production design to acting and music. Feel free to comment on my picks for favorite scenes and comment with your own picks for favorite scenes from these movies.
First Impressions

Sometimes I'll see a movie once and have no problem writing up a review for it. But other times I'll see a film and need some time to digest it, or maybe a second viewing. In cases like that, I'll provide some first impressions. These tend to be thoughts about the film, focusing on three good points and three bad points. I won't give a final rating, but provide my overall impression of the film. I intend on writing a more fleshed out review later on, but if you are curious about my initial thoughts, here they are.
Nostalgia Nuggets

Sometimes I just have to wax nostalgic about a certain topic. It will usually have something to do with a particular movie, but isn't really a review per se. This is where you'll find a list of these nuggets of wisdom. Some are enlightening, some are silly, but most of them are just a kind of therapy for me. Keep in mind, that since I grew up in the 1980's and 90's most of these nuggets will fall into that time frame. So beware of mullets and flannels, because there will be a lot.

Top Ten Lists

Well I finally jumped on the bandwagon and started making some Top Ten lists. I think it's just something all reviewers have to do at some point. Maybe it's required by reviewer law, kind of like Ape Law in Planet of the Apes. In any case feel free to post your own lists in the comments section. If anything, Top Ten lists are great for starting conversations.

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