Monday, November 28, 2016

And Then This Happened... Horrors of Spider Island

What is scarier than a turkey hangover or black Friday at the mall? The Horrors of Spider Island of course. Well scary might be a strong word. More likely you'll just be amused and confused by the wandering models, the "spider-man" creature and most of all the buxom and burly Babs as she hulks around the film. She's all woman all the time, to quote Crow.

There are also a couple of doofy guys in this movie who are supposed to be the heroes, but honestly I wanted Babs to be the amazon warrior who saves the day. But at least the twin doofuses give us this moment for you to caption.

And then this happened...


  1. Whom do I have to shoot to get out of this movie?

    1. Gary the spider man. Don't try to shoot Babs, she'll just sit on you.

  2. I said I was dying for a lager, NOT a Luger.

  3. Ok, which one stole our Macy's credit card?