Saturday, January 16, 2010

MST3K - Season 3 Overview

This is a season that is known for dividing fans. Some find it to be the summit of Joel years in the show. Others find it duller than any other season. The reason is quite simple, there is very little variety in the movies shown. You either get a Japanese import of some kind (most likely a Gamera film) or you get something from Roger Corman's American International archive. Many fans find both dubbed films and Corman's flicks so dreary and lifeless that this season is a chore, others thrive on it.

I find that I fall right in the middle. There are some seriously classic episodes to be found here, and yes I'm a fan of all things dubbed, so this fits the bill. This riffing speed and density is a bit better than the previous season and that helps, especially when Corman's around.

Two classic episodes explode right out of the gate with Cave Dwellers and Pod People. These are pure 80's and pure awesome. When it comes to Japanese laughs I actually find Fugitive Alien and Time of the Apes superior to most of the Gamera offerings. The two Master Ninja episodes are pretty solid too, for a compilation of some seriously cheesy 80's television show called The Master starring Lee Van Cleef. My favorite American International films in this season are The Amazing Colossal Man, It Conquered the World and Viking Women vs. The Sea Serpent. When it's all said and done you've got a pretty solid season all the way around

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