Saturday, February 29, 2020

Score Sample: John Carter (2012)

Probably been too long since I mentioned Michael Giacchino on this blog, right? Right! So let's his score from the 2012 sci-fi adventure film John Carter another look. Through most of the 2010s Giacchino has been attached to Disney related film scores. Could be Pixar, Star Wars or even one off films like this one. Of course Disney wasn't hoping for a one off with John Carter, there were looking for their own Star Wars saga (before they bought Lucasfilm).

Unfortunately the film did poorly in theaters and with a budget that could almost fund mission to Mars itself, John Carter is considered one of the biggest financial failures in film history. Ouch. All that said, the movie is actually solid entertainment, with plenty of eye candy to keep a viewer engaged. Helping along with that is Michael Giacchino's score. Giacchino goes full adventure epic with his style. You'll hear all kinds of golden age influences in the score including a little Lawrence of Arabia in there. But you also have those kinetic Giacchino action tracks.

One of my favorites is Sad Than Pursues the Princess which just blasts along with action. But I also love the end titles which gives you a nice sampling of all the theme Giacchino crafted for the film. So enjoy both in this entry!