Monday, January 4, 2010

MST3K – Season 6 Overview

This was the first season that was all Mike all the time. For my money this is also one of the funniest seasons of the series. I love Mike’s more cynical riffing and combined with Trace’s style of humor it makes a great combination. I know a few people take issue with some of the drearier and relentlessly black and white movies featured in this season, but I argue that this team of riffers and writers is up to the challenge.

Season six also gave us one of the most infamous American filmmakers to ever pick up a camera: Coleman Francis. To those who think Ed Wood Jr. was the epitome of bad movie making – I dare you watch a Coleman Francis film and find it superior. All three of Francis’ films are tackled here and they present an interesting challenge of pain. Skydivers is the most accessible film, almost perky in its depressing nature. I know that doesn’t make sense, but when you see Red Zone Cuba and witness how dower Francis’ can get; you’ll understand what I mean. Beast of Yucca Flats may be even worse, as it ambles and shambles around with almost no plot and lots of depression. You want to look in the abyss of bad movies try any of these episodes out.

A major cast change was in store in the final episode; Frank Conniff left the show at the end of this season. The crew gives him a great send off in the episode. Conniff was a real lover of film and television and provided the writing team with so much of their referential humor. As TV’s Frank he made a great foil for Dr. Forrester. The show stumbled a bit without him but soon found it’s footing in Season 8.

This season may lack variety compared to earlier ones, but it’s got plenty of laughs and nearly every episode is worth checking out.
  • 601 – Girls Town
  • 602 – Invasion USA
  • 603 – The Dead Talk Back
  • 604 – Zombie Nightmare
  • 605 – Colossus and the Headhunters
  • 606 – The Creeping Terror
  • 607 – Bloodlust!
  • 608 – Code Name: Diamond Head
  • 609 – SkyDivers
  • 610 – The Violent Years
  • 611 – The Last of the Wild Horses
  • 612 – The Starfighters
  • 613 – The Sinister Urge
  • 614 – San Francisco International
  • 615 – Kitten with a Whip
  • 616 – Racket Girls
  • 617 – The Sword and the Dragon
  • 618 – High School Big Shot
  • 619 – Red Zone Cuba
  • 620 – Danger! Deat Ray
  • 621 – The Beast of Yucca Flats
  • 622 – Angel’s Revenge
  • 623 – The Amazing Transparent Man
  • 624 – Samson vs. the Vampire Women

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