Monday, January 4, 2010

MST3K – Season 5 Overview

This is the season where everything changed. Joel Hodgson left the show mid season and Mike Nelson stepped in as host. For many people this season is a mixture of good and bad. Those that love Joel focus on his farewell, those that love Mike focus on the great start he had. Since I enjoy the show with both hosts, this ends up being one of my favorite seasons.

So many classic episodes to pick from aside from Joel’s last Mitchell and Mike’s first The Brain that Wouldn’t Die. This season almost reads like a greatest hits, with 24 episodes covering nearly every type of movie you can hope for from 80’s fantasy with Outlaw to Roger Corman cheapies like Swamp Diamonds.

Along with the new host, the opening credits got a facelift with new lyrics to the theme song and a new journey to the theater sequence. At it’s core, this was still the same show, but the jokes started to take on a bit harder of an edge and the speed of the riffing increased. You get more of this in the next season but it starts here.

With that said, you can nearly pick any episode from this season and have a winner, good odds!

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