Saturday, December 8, 2012

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When it comes to Japanese animation, the 1990s was the heyday… well for me anyway. It all started during my video store days. A coworker  received a laserdisc (remember those) of the first episode of Gunsmith Cats. Something about that cover just captured my imagination and I was wanted to check it out. Well call it a gateway drug because I was in deep after that. I spent the next few years devouring anime titles and eventually scored a my first writing job as a staff writer for, one of the largest anime focused internet sites at the time.

These days I still have my old anime collection. I revisit my favorites from time to time. Then one day I decided to revisit the Tenchi franchise and that started this little corner of my blog. I’ll house my anime reviews (and musings) here. Beware, you’re in for equal doses of nostalgia and 1990s goodness. You can always blame the Gunsmith Cats. I've also linked to anime related reviews over at DVD Verdict, for those looking for anime actually released beyond the year 2005. 

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  1. A good listing of anime features. I'm not the hugest fan of anime, but I enjoy some from time to time. Last night I checked out Hayao Miyazaki's Howl's Moving Castle, and although I've seen some of his other films and not cared for them that much, actually, I found this one pretty fun and interesting. I'd wondered if you'd reviewed it. It's worth checking out. I would probably go in my Top 10 (that I've seen so for...)

    1. Yeah anime can be hit or miss. I'm more fond of older material. By stint at DVD Verdict reveled that the animation continuity had improved, images were cleaner and smoother. But the stories were lest interesting and the characters were kinda cookie cutter. I ran into a few unique series "Eden of the East" and "Rideback" stand out. But most of the rest was entertaining but lacking something to really make them special.

      Now, I'm a huge Miyazaki fan, love all his stuff. I really should do a series covering all his films. My favorite is still "Spirited Away", an "Alice in Wonderland" of sorts, but with some very Japanese overtones. "Howl's Moving Castle" is a lot of fun. He does some amazing stuff with the animation (as usual). I also liked how his main character was a little old women (for the bulk of the film). Kind of reminded me of Pixar's "Up" in that way. A bold movie, but it works so well. Any time a Miyazaki film comes out it is a treat.