Friday, August 6, 2010

Zombieland (2009)


Abigail Breslin in a zombie movie? Well that sounds interesting. Oh hey its got Woody in it too, and the guy from “Adventureland”. Well that’s pretty cool. Bill Murray? Wait a sec, what kind of movie is this?


Zombies have overrun the earth. A young man who goes by the name Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) has survived because he sticks close to his rules of survival, including gems like “Limber up”, “Avoid bathrooms”, “Don’t be a hero” and “Cardio”. He eventually runs into Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) a man who’s obsessed with finding an edible Twinkie. The two team up and eventually meet the duo of Wichita (Emma Stone) and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin). They two are on a quest to Pacific Playland, the only amusement park that is supposed to be zombie free. Their journey will take them across the country and face to face with zombie hordes. But the real question is how does Bill Murray fit into “Zombieland”.

Good Points

  • A nice combination of action and comedy
  • Woody Harrelson nearly steals the movie
  • And then Bill Murray shows up

Bad Points

  • Not scary, and not a horror movie
  • The story is pretty predictable
  • Forces you to watch someone eat a Hostess snowball


This is a fun little movie that breezes right along giving you laughs and action in equal doses. Those looking for scares need not apply, but you do get some gruesome zombie deaths. All the cast seems to be having a good time and it oozes like zombie gore into the audience.

Scores (out of 5)

Visuals: 4

Sound: 3

Acting: 4

Music: 4

Script: 4

Direction: 3

Entertainment: 4

Total: 4

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  1. Zombieland was a blast! Woody Harrelson at his best. The bit with Bill Murray is classic.

  2. This was a complete surprise, we rented it on a whim and boy was it fun. I always recommend it to any zombie fans I know (but most have seen it). If you like anime, check out "High School of the Dead". Similar concept, but with animation they really flesh out the whole end of the world scenario. It's a little more serious, but the action is great and the characters are fun. Oh, but beware - a ton of anime style fan service. It gets a bit much at times (and I don't usually mind that kind of thing).