Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Anime Juke Box - Truth - Revolutionary Girl Utena

Ready for some more J-pop? This time I dig back into the 1990s with one of the most creative and unique anime series I'd seen: Revolutionary Girl Utena. I really need to write up a review or three for this series and its bizarre film.

One of the most striking things about the series is the music, which combines wonderful orchestral moments with full blown 70s style rock opera. I sampled one of the rock opera bits before, but today I'm taking a look at the end title piece from the first season. It's still got the wailing guitars, the full throated female singer and a disco backbeat - all things that Utena has in spades. One of my favorite end credits pieces from 1990s anime here is Truth performed by Luca Yumi. And yes she is saying "Kissing love and true your heart." Because why the hell not.

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