Friday, January 26, 2018

Score Sample: The Monkey King (2014)

Time for another score sample from Christopher Young. I know this wasn't posted in October, when I usually post Mr. Young's excellent horror scores. But I wanted to demonstrate just how versatile Christopher Young is when it comes to film music.

For a long time film score fans have lamented that Young has never really had a chance to score a big budget science fiction or fantasy epic. The guy has all the skills required, but lately he's been sticking to horror, dramas and thrillers. His music remains excellent, but those of us who love colorful bombast just wanted a bit more.

In 2014 Young got the chance when he was approached by Chinese studios to score their three part epic mythic films around The Monkey King. Young jumped at the chance and crafted what may be his best film score yet. When the album was release Young personally crafted suites for all the main characters in the film, creating an excellent listening experience. It is really hard to just pick one, but here is the suite for the main character Sun Wukong also known as The Monkey King.


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    1. It takes a little while in the film, but he does eventually go from mischievous to somewhat noble.