Friday, October 6, 2017

Anime Juke Box - Mirai-Seiki Maruti Club - Boogiepop Phantom

Yep it is October again and that means I get to write about one of my favorite anime series: Boogiepop Phantom. Well I have a whole review of the series out there if you are curious (and if you like fractured horror narratives you really should check it out).

The music for the series is all over the place, including industrial electronic sound design, techno tracks, a 70s jazz inspired opening credit piece called Evening Showers and of course Wagner opera. But today I'm going to share the end credits. It is a angry rock song performed by Kyoko called Marai-Seiki Maruti Club. Not sure what it means, but the lead singer is awfully passionate about it. Like everything else with Boogiepop Phantom it doesn't seem like it should fit a horror series, but it works. When it kicks in for the end credits it just feels right. So enjoy this little bit of J-rock with an attitude.