Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Anime Juke Box - Main Title - Robotech

Back when I first saw Robotech in 1985, it was part of the after school cartoon line up. This included cartoons like Inspector Gadget, He-man and the Masters of the Universe, Transformers and G.I. Joe. All those shows had something in common.  Their opening title songs were actual songs - with lyrics. Sure they were usually simple lyrics using the title of the show over and over again.  This way it was easy to remember what toys to ask for when your birthday came around.

Then Robotech came on and the main title was heroic, majestic and orchestral. Composed by Ulpio Minucci it sounds a bit like John Williams Superman main title. It is certainly going for a more majestic sound than "Doo doo doo doo doo Inspector Gadget." Not only was this theme used for the opening credits, a slightly different version played during the end credits.  And if one of the heroes did something really awesome, this theme usually kicked in. Needless to say, this tune was pretty much hardwired into the brain of anyone who grew up with the show. Just hearing it makes me want to jump into a Veritech fighter and blow up some alien starships.


  1. All of our lives need a sound track. Since it is too distracting (and perhaps pretentious) to stop and pick one oneself for every occasion, this seems like a job for an A.I. app loaded on a phone or some other device. Preprogrammed with a person’s general taste in music, it should assess each situation and choose the tune accordingly – with proper interconnectivity it should coordinate and harmonize with the A.I. app of any person with whom we are interacting. When you jump in that Veritech fighter (or maybe even just get in a Cessna) you’ll have your Robotech theme. Assuming the technical hurdles can be jumped, think we have a marketable device?

    1. I do. It would make driving to work a heroic undertaking. Cleaning the bathrooms would be filled with harrowing thrills. And clean up after pets would have something powerful by Hans Zimmer - probably with those "Inception" horns of doom. :)