Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Score Sample - The Omen - Jerry Goldsmith

Well it's time for some scary movies and of course some scary film scores to go along with them. When it comes to horror film scores, my favorites are the those that have definite musical themes and those that build the story using music. You can go creepy (but musical) or you can go big and bombastic. And one of the king daddies of all horror films scores has got to be Jerry Goldsmith's score to The Omen

The score is essentially two parts, a touching theme for the family that gets warped and twisted as the score goes along. Then there's the material everyone remembers, the choir chanting in latin in a disturbing discordant nature. The Omen certainly went on to inspire many horror film composers and remains powerful, creepy and exciting. This is a solid rerecording of a suite of tracks which includes the family theme in the first few minutes before unleashing hell in the second half and then wrapping up with the family theme again.

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