Friday, October 11, 2013

Score Sample - Drag Me To Hell - Christopher Young

These days, when you talk about scores to horror films, you have to talk about Christopher Young. The man is a master of this genre of music. He's great at all the aspects of excellent horror music, knowing when to go huge and scary and when to go quiet and creepy. Best of all his work is always interesting to listen to, even during quiet scenes his work never turns into minimalistic sound design, but retains a musical quality. But heck, the guy can do wonderful sound design scores too. He's unstoppable when it comes to horror.

One of my favorite horror scores in the last few years has to be his work on Drag Me to Hell for Sam Raimi. It is a rollercoaster of a score and the main theme is delightfully evil. It promise and delivers on a good time. Here are the end credits, Concerto to Hell. The violin solo is diabolical.

Just to give Mr. Young further credit, the guy is very versatile. He can score heart wrenching dramatic moments, tremendous action cues and his jazzy work is a blast to listen to. He's quickly rising in the ranks as one of my favorite film composers.


  1. Once again, thanks for drawing attention to a part of movie-making that (other than intro Bond songs and a few other exceptions) so commonly go unremarked, but which can make such a big difference in setting the mood and the ...well ... tone of the picture.

    1. You're welcome. I love sharing my enjoyment of film music. I really do think it is a key to making an effective and well rounded film. And when we get some good music to listen to away from the film too, then that's a big bonus.