Monday, October 28, 2013

Anime Juke Box - Evening Shower - Boogipop Phantom

When October rolls around I listen to a lot of horror movie and anime scores. Most of them have the same kind of tone, because I love huge gothic style scores with lots of evil chanting and bombastic power. But I throw a bunch of other stuff in the mix including music from Boogiepop Phantom, one of my favorite anime series. The music is mostly atmospheric electronica and techno, but there are some interesting deviations. One is the oh-so-groovy opening credits Evening Shower performed by Shikao Suga. While this may not say spooky Halloween fun to you, once you've seen the show, it certainly will.


  1. When it comes to Pop, I'm more familiar with Iggy than Boogie, but this sounds cheerful. Anime definitely has influenced American Halloween with Cosplay, so a suitable soundtrack is appropriate too,

    1. The irony is, this is a very dark series with some disturbing themes and story lines. But the opening credits are so funky, it just seems like they shouldn't work together. But by the time you get to the third episode, you can't imagine the series starting any other way.