Friday, November 16, 2018

MST3K - The Gauntlet is Coming!

Well November has rolled around again, and that means it is time for more Mystery Science Theater 3000. Thanksgiving is turkey day and for the past few years Shout! Factory has been streaming a MST3K marathon on their channel. They serve up episodes from across the 10 seasons (Comedy Central and Sci-Fi years), and usually have bumpers with cast and crew from the series.

But 2018 is going to be a bit different because SEASON 12 (aka The Gauntlet) is premiering on Netflix on Thanksgiving. That's right six new episodes of the series featuring the cast of the previous season are back on the satellite. Some really perfect films for riffing are lined up, so this season looks like it could be a blast. The whole season drops onto Netflix on Thursday, November 22.

But wait, what about the Turkey Day marathon?

No worries Shout! has you covered. They will be running the marathon on Sunday, November 18th. It will include six episodes, intros from Joel and Jonah, some sneak peaks of Season 12 and a few surprises.

Head on over to for more information on how to catch the marathon.

Need more, here are some trailers!

Yep, this Turkey Day looks like it might be a little more hilarious than normal.


  1. Yeah, I might have to catch some of the Turkey day marathon. It's become a tradition. Or maybe I'll catch some of the Netflix series. Lately I've been watching the Haunting of Hill House series. The jury is still out on it. Right off the top of my head it has been a bit spotty for me. But episodes four and five picked up for me. I guess I'll finish it out.

    1. Looking forward to your MST3K experience. They have some really funny movies coming up for season 12.

      We really enjoyed "The Haunting of Hill House" series. I think they did a good job with it. The series did start out a bit slow in those first couple of episodes, but I like where they ended up taking the characters.