Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (2015)


Back in 1996 when Tom Cruise starred the first Mission: Impossible film, I didn’t think we’d be seeing a five film franchise coming out of it. I figured it was good for maybe one or two sequels. But here we are, nearly 20 years later and Cruise is still running around with his MI team. But will this be one adventure worth taking?


Top agent for the Impossible Mission force, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) is convinced that a diabolical agency is working against the IMF to create chaos and terror. While on the trail of this entity known as the Syndicate, he runs into the lovely Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson), who helps him out of a jam, but seems to be working for the Syndicate.

Meanwhile William Brandt (Jeremy Renner) runs into opposition from the head of the CIA Alan Hunley (played with verve by Alec Baldwin). The CIA feels the IMF is more destructive than effective and shuts them down. Hunley also sets his sights on Hunt as the main issue and issues a warrant for him (again). Meanwhile, Hunt marshals his forces including Benji (Simon Pegg) and Luther (Ving Rhames) to track down the Syndicate. This results in some crazy acrobatics on the outside of a plane as it takes off, a intense motorcycle chase, infiltrating a secured location – under water, and stopping a sniper or three from killing dignitaries during an opera. But is there any hope against the dangerous Rogue Nation?

Good Points:

  • The plot balances thrills and action very well
  • Action scenes and stunt work are really impressive for this outing.
  • We finally have an intriguing villain for this series!

Bad Points:

  • Story line is a bit convoluted for anyone looking for pure action
  • Wait, didn’t Ethan go rogue in the last four movies also?
  • A little less humor than the previous entry 


I enjoyed Ghost Protocol well enough, but I wasn’t clamoring for another adventure in the franchise. But I have to say the additions of Ferguson and Harris made for a more intriguing film. The humor is toned down a bit for some straight up tension, but it works great. McQuarrie does an excellent job crafting a fun film and the score by Joe Kraemer may be the best of the series. Well worth checking out.

Scores (out of 5)
Visuals:  5
Sound:  5
Acting: 4
Script:  4
Music: 4
Direction: 4
Entertainment: 4
Total:  4

Curious about a full review, sent me an email and I’ll make additional thoughts to this review.

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  1. I’ve seen just two of the films in this franchise – though I’m afraid I’m old enough to have watched the original 60s TV show from the first season. They (the movies, not the TV show) struck me as cinematic snack food, which is to say enjoyable but not memorable. In fact, I remember so little about them that I could watch them again and be surprised by the plot twists. So, I wouldn’t avoid a new one (new to me, that is) if it happened to be airing and was up against uninteresting competition, but wouldn’t actively seek one out either. I suppose there are worse things to say about a franchise. Good to know Rogue Nation is at least up to snuff as another snack.

    1. Yeah they are a bit on the empty calorie side of things, but certainly fun enough. I'd say the first and this one are probably the best with "Ghost Protocol" also worth watching.

  2. I think Rogue Nation is good, but as you said not as good as Protocol. I went back before Nation was released and re-watched all the MI films in order. It was fun, and overall a great action franchise. I enjoyed the first film better upon the re-watch. I hope they do better with the next Reacher film, if indeed there is one.

    1. Yeah I really liked the first one a lot more than I did when it first came out. Each time I revisit the film I find more to enjoy. De Palma's style really makes it work well.