Friday, December 9, 2016

And then this happened... Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

So my first edition of And Then This Happened... was for a Star Wars movie, I figured I might as well end with one from the same series. But since we are enjoying winter, I had to do a scene from Hoth. I kind of wanted to add some snowmen, Snoopy on a toboggan and maybe Krampus. Then I could say they are all in the new Special Edition of the movie because George wanted the scene to be more Holiday themed. But in the end I decided to just present it as it originally appeared in 1980.

And then this happened...


  1. "The graphics on this planet need an upgrade: too much image ghosting."

  2. Freeze, freeze, thou bitter sky,
    That dost not bite so nigh
    As benefits forgot:
    Though thou the waters warp,
    Thy sting is not so sharp
    As friend remembered not.

  3. I'll have a white chocolate mocha and a double smoked bacon breakfast sndwich.

  4. Those shrooms from Felucia kick major ass.

    1. Oh man and those are some seriously giant shrooms!