Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Score Sample - Ben Hur

I've mentioned several film score composers from the golden age, but it has been a while. So  here is a sample of one of my favorite composers from that era, Miklos Rozsa. He is best known for his work on huge sprawling Hollywood epics. But Rozsa was very versatile and could handle all kinds of scores. I have to admit his big scores really appeal to me, and one of the biggest and best is his score for Ben Hur. This score has a myriad of themes, and Rozsa does some wonderful things with them. It was really hard to pick a single track, but I went with the Overture, which gives you a nice taste of the HUGE sound that Rozsa was always willing to go for. In many ways Ben Hur set the standard for what epics would sound like, but that may be because Rozsa ended up scoring so many of them. :)

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