Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Anime Juke Box - H.T. - Trigun

I've been serving up a lot of J-pop for these anime juke box entries. I figured I might provide something a bit more edgy. Here is the opening credit piece for the space cowboy series Trigun. It is pure hard rock guitar, drums and concentrated bad ass. It is called H.T. which is short for Humanoid Typhoon, the alias of the main character - who also goes by the name Vash the Stampede. It is performed by Tsuneo Imahori and it is probably one of my favorite opening credit tunes from 1990s anime.


  1. I have a lot of basic hard rock on my CD shelf -- there isn't so much as to crowd out all the other stuff, but it is there in force. This would fit in just fine.

    1. The score to the series is a really bizarre mix. It has some really rowdy tunes like this one, then goes for mellow flutes and acoustic guitar, almost sounding like folk music. Then the next track is nearly all sound design, with abrasive electronics and an almost industrial sound. Imahori composed all of it, and it all works in the anime, but as a listening experience it can be a bit jarring. I've grouped all the rockin' tracks together from the 2 CDs and it makes for a fun score.

      The 80s and 90s pop/rock portions of my iPod often cause gasps of horror, especially among my film score friends. ;)