Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sing the Praises of Pants!

Every once in a while I run into folks who enjoy Mystery Science Theater 3000, but don't like the host segments. For me, the host segments were part of what makes the show so entertaining and appealing. Especially during the Comedy Central years, you got a real feeling that these folks were just having a good time making you laugh. Sure not all the host segments work, but a lot of the time they were fun, and some times they were hilarious.

One of the things that the crew used to do quite often is create and perform a song or two. Some of these had direct connections to the movie they were watching. Tom's song about Tibby the Turtle from Gamera is one example. Other times the gang went nuts with a song for no reason. The whole swing choir challenge from The Skydivers is a perfect example of that.

One of my favorite songs is the Tribute to Pants. They boys have been watching Hercules Against the Moon Men, and were subjected to several scenes where men in togas or tunics bend over, fall down, or climb somewhere exposing areas that Joel and the bots would rather not see. As the first break rolls around, Joel and bots have had enough and come up with this song. Enjoy!


  1. When the Visigoths sacked Rome on August 24, 410, emperor Honorius responded firmly by declaring it illegal to wear pants. Apparently, looking Goth is easy -- one need only wear pants.

    1. But if they are invisi-goths then they don't need to wear anything at all. :)