Monday, November 18, 2013

A New Top Ten at John Kenneth Muir's Blog

My pal John is at it again! This month he asked for a rating of the top ten science fiction films from the 1970s. As usual he asked for opinions, was posting them all last week and compiled the results. 

You can check out those results here. There were some very surprising results in the mix, with some real classics in there, as well as a few people may find bizarre. Check it out!

This list certainly looks like it went boldly
where no list has gone before.


  1. Unless I missed you, you were noticeably absent n this one my friend.

    1. It is true. I got back from my week vacation the week John sent out the call. I was still recovering from jet lag those first few days. On top of all that, seeing many of the selections other folks were offering I was shocked to discover I hadn't seen many of the offerings including "Andromeda Strain", "Silent Running" and "Soylant Green". Kinda felt like I needed to watch those first before I could weigh in.

      Now if John does a top ten for sci-fi flicks for the 1980s, well I think I'll have much more experience in that area. :)