Thursday, March 14, 2013

Soundtrack Sample - Coraline - Bruno Coulais

Bruno Coulais provided a wonderful score for the film The Secret of the Kells. But the first time I heard his work was on the animated film Coraline, also from 2009. Eclectic may be selling it short, but the score for that animated film was unusual, and yet completely engaging. It combines the off beat sense of style that you usually hear in Danny Elfman with something a bit more... dare I say, French? It uses all types of instruments, electronics and unusual recording techniques. The result fits the film like a glove and makes for an unique listening experience. 

Here is a sample of one of the tracks, giving a bit of everything the score has to offer.

To add to the confusion of the score, They Might Be Giants was touted as having performed on the soundtrack. They did. You get one song that lasts 28 seconds. 


  1. This was a well-made film all the way around, and the music blended with it just right -- so right that it's easy to miss when you're caught up in the tale. That's actually a compliment.

    1. Yes it really fit the film well. What is strange is that when you listen to it alone, there are tracks that seem so bizarre that you can't begin to imagine what is going on in a particular scene. So it's really a testament to Coulais' skill that he was able to create such unique music and yet never have it pull the viewer out of the action.