Friday, September 2, 2016

Blog Update for September

Well you can see how well I did at updating this blog for August. The planning work for the new story took a lot more time than I anticipated. But I really feel it was necessary. I'm working on a story set in an original fantasy world - and I needed to have some of the key aspects of the world worked out and written down before I could proceed. I also did a lot of extensive character work before diving in. I'm hoping this gives some additional depth to the characters allowing them to breathe a little better on the page. But this is a movie blog, not a place where I babble about my writing. For more of that kind of reading check out my old Storytelling in all its forms blog.

I do hope to get some material up here in September, but it will likely be sparse and low key. Hope you all had a great summer!


  1. Sounds productive. I'm sure that will save a lot of rewrites and edits from all that foundation work -- as you've mentioned.

    I sometimes wonder what it must be like to write when there is no time to work out all that -- such as a TV show where the script absolutely positively has to be ready to shoot on Monday. Exhilarating and terrifying I should think.

    1. Oh man, I can't even imagine what that may be like. Writing without a net, I would think. But I think they plan out certain story arcs in advance. Still if you have a dialogue style written for a certain type of actor and they end up casting Shatner or Goldblum, you may be in for some quick rewrites.