Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Score Sample: How to Train Your Dragon 2

Back in 2010 composer John Powell wrote what many film score fans still call one of the best film scores of the 10s, How To Train Your Dragon. I provided a sample for that wonderful score already, but I can't resist also highlighting his wonderful work on the sequel. 

With a film that explores the same characters a bit more and adds a new selection of characters, the score follows suit. You get all the original themes, and even some variations on whole sequences. You get new themes for the villain as well as the mysterious dragon tamer. The whole thing is infused with high energy and a celtic flavor. For my money, the score to How To Train Your Dragon 2 is as good as the first, and maybe even a little bit better. Here is a fine track highlighting one of the new themes, Flying with Mother.


  1. Good stuff. One only can imagine what he would do if really were J Lo's mis-speak at the awards ceremony: How to Drain Your Dragon

    1. John Powell is a creative guy. He pretty much redefined the action score style with his music for the Bourne films. I'm sure he'd come up with something appropriate for draining dragons of all sizes and shapes. ;)