Friday, May 9, 2014

Anime Juke Box - Rock Me - Bubblegum Crisis

One of the first anime series I picked up on DVD was Bubblegum Crisis. At the time anime fans were salivating for this one. These days, I don't see too many people talk about it.  Probably because the whole thing can be pretty derivative and the thin plot and characters lack the depth of the 1998 reboot Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040. But for me the original has a lot of great elements going for it. It is very much based in the 1980s vision of a cyberpunk future, and I love the character and mecha design of the show. But I also have to say that the rockin' 80s J-pop from this series is a lot of fun. Most folks who've seen the series will comment about the music. Here is a tune sung by rough and tumble rocker Priss and her band The Replicants aka Yuiko Tsubokura. And yes she is saying Rock Me! Just You!.

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