Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Score Sample - Much Ado About Nothing - Patrick Doyle

Another film music composer I haven't blogged about, but who I enjoy listening to, is Patrick Doyle. He rose to fame as being the composer of choice for Kenneth Branaugh. The two have a working relationship that spans back to Henry V back in 1989. Doyle reminds me of Michael Giacchino in that he always brings energy and excitement to his scores. Some have accused Doyle of going over the top, and sometimes his music can be distracting in a film. But as an album listen, his work is always entertaining. One of my favorite works by Doyle is Much Ado About Nothing. It's got a bit of everything, sweeping romance, dark murmuring (for the plotting scenes), and a couple of songs from Shakespeare's play put to music. My favorite piece has to be his energetic Overture that plays during the opening credits. 


  1. Replies
    1. Yep, that classic Doyle energy is on full display here. HIs newer scores are bit lower key (to meet the needs of modern scoring tastes). But his older stuff is always a treat. His score for the fourth Harry Potter films is one of my favorites of that musical series.