Friday, May 17, 2013

Score Sample - Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol - Michael Giacchino

The Mission: Impossible series has had an interesting musical history. For the first film, Danny Elfman created a modern action score infused with Lalo Schifrin's memorable main theme and a theme known as "The Plot". Hans Zimmer followed this up with a rowdy score that was filled with electric guitars. But with the third film, Michael Giacchino was brought on board, and created a fun action score with good balance of modern and 1960s swagger. 

For the forth film, Giacchino was back and this time was inspired by the locales in the film. He still uses the main theme and "The Plot" theme in interesting ways. But he adds plenty of musical flavor for the scenes in Moscow, Dubai and Mombai. The last locale treats us with a Bollywood style for the main theme. Give a listen to "Mood India" and see if can detect Schifrin's famous theme.


  1. You know, the comment from Anonymous would make great lyrics to this music. The sentences are just unintelligible enough to sound deep. I don't recommend clicking on that link, though.

    1. Yes my spammy friends keep posting oddball things on these posts. I know they are trying to tell me something... but I can't make out what it is. :)