Tuesday, August 16, 2011

DVD Verdict - First Anniversary

It’s true, I’ve been writing for one of my favorite movie review sites for a full year. That adds up to 100 reviews (after the two DVDs I’ve got sitting in front of my TV get write ups). Frankly, I’ve had a great time writing for the site. I’ve seen some excellent movies and documentaries. I’ve also endured some painful crap. I have to give my wife and cat full marks for enduring most of these with me.

To celebrate, I figured I’d create this little page of links to some of my favorite reviews and movies. Now keep in mind, I may not have liked a particular movie, but I might have had fun with the review. So if you haven’t already read some of these, follow the links, give them a read and don’t forget to click the little link at the bottom of the page to vote on whether I did a good job or not. You can also Like them via Facebook if you feel the urge.

The first review I wrote was for Instant Expert: Egypt, a documentary series intended for schools that was essentially new packaging for Egypt: Engineering an Empire.

The following were some of the best movies I reviewed:

The following are some of the best documentaries I watched:

Some of the movies or shows that I had low expectations for, but received a pleasant surprise:

Best Anime series I watched:

My favorite reviews:

The most painful things I had to watch:

And that just about covers it. You can check out more of my reviews from my Dossier page over at the Verdict. I'm looking forward to another year as a staff writer for the site.

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